What Our Campaign Is About

I have been honored to be elected Mayor of Bridgeport six times. Over these 14 years, working together we brought Bridgeport back from bankruptcy, balanced the budget for ten years in a row without raising taxes, attracted new businesses and jobs, built an entertainment and sports complex, drastically lowered crime, and created magnet schools. 

At the same time, you know the story. I made terrible mistakes, broke the law, and paid a heavy price. When I returned to Bridgeport, I apologized for my actions and vowed that if I was ever given a second chance in elected office, I would spend every day giving back to make sure everyone has at least a first chance to succeed—let alone the second chance that I was given.

In 2015, the people of Bridgeport honored me by giving me that second chance when they elected me as their Mayor for the sixth time. Since then, we have continued to make strong progress. We’ve attracted new industry and jobs, accelerated development of our waterfront, and made Bridgeport a greener and cleaner energy efficient city. Like any city much more needs to be done, but real progress has been made.

Our campaign for governor is about building a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone---not just a few. We can’t tax or cut our way out of the state’s fiscal mess. We need to create jobs and get our economy going---and that begins by strengthening our cities to make them once again engines of economic growth and innovation. 

To attract new businesses and retain existing ones, we need to rebuild our transportation infrastructure, expand job training so workers have the skills for 21st century manufacturing and high technology jobs, and make sure every child has an opportunity to a first-class education.

Our campaign is about making sure hard-working men and women are paid a livable wage, have access to paid family leave, are paid equally, and are allowed to collectively organize.

Our campaign is about inclusion and diversity---we are a stronger state and country when everyone can participate and contribute. 

Our campaign is also about being a voice for all those who have been left economically behind. I will be a governor for them and all those who feel their voices are not heard.

And our campaign is about providing everyone who wants to work hard with an opportunity to contribute. That’s why I strongly support second chance re-entry programs and criminal justice reform to end the targeting of communities of color.

At this critical time in our state, we must have a Governor who has the skills and experience to manage the complexities we face. I humbly present myself as someone who’s been tested in good times and bad, who has navigated the state’s largest city through the toughest of times, and who has led the effort to create economic growth and jobs for everyone.

Together, we can build a better Connecticut that works for everyone.