Marijuana Reform

Joe supports a “comprehensive, smart approach to legalizing, regulating and taxing recreational marijuana in Connecticut.” Specifically, he supports legislation that would allow anyone over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana for recreational use from state licensed retail outlets. 

“A legal regulated recreational marijuana industry would launch a new industry in Connecticut, create thousands of new jobs, and produce hundreds of millions of needed annual tax revenue for the state. It is time we treated and regulated marijuana the same way we treat alcohol or tobacco. It is long past time we in this country acknowledged that attitudes about marijuana have changed dramatically and it is time for us too in this land of steady habits to change with it,” said Joe in written testimony to the General Assembly.  

“The entire New England region is moving towards legalizing recreational marijuana. Connecticut has already decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana and established medical marijuana that has been safely and effectively regulated by the state. With the proper regulations in place, Connecticut should take the next step and legalize recreational marijuana,” said Joe.