Lamont Refuses On Sunday To Say He’ll Support Ganim If Ganim Wins Democratic Primary

BRIDGEPORT --- On WFSB-Channel 3’s “Face the State” that aired yesterday, under questioning by moderator Dennis House, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont refused to say he’ll support Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim if Ganim wins the August 14th Democratic Primary.

House:  If you were to lose the primary to Mayor Ganim, would you support him or would you perhaps think that a Republican would do a better job?

Lamont Look I’m not going to have to make that choice as we’re going to win the primary on August 14th. It’s in the best interests of the party and in the best interest of the state.

Mayor Ganim responds as follows:

“Democrats throughout Connecticut should feel insulted by Ned Lamont’s refusal to say whether he will support the winner of the August 14th Democratic primary for governor.  His failure to rule out supporting the winner of the Republican primary if I were to win the Democratic primary is a major insult to Bridgeport and the tens of thousands of Ganim supporters in cities and towns throughout Connecticut, and to the entire Democratic Party.  Ned is playing with fire if he thinks he can win the general election without the support of Bridgeport and those supporting my candidacy.”