Lamont Refusal to Support Winner of Democratic Primary Disloyal To Democratic Party, Democratic Voters, and Democratic Values

Lamont Would Turn Over State to GOP Governor Who Supports Trump Than Support Ganim

Hartford--- Speaking in Hartford today, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim said “By stating he would not support the winner of the Democratic primary for governor, Ned Lamont has shown he is disloyal to the Democratic Party, Democratic voters, Democratic values and principles.”

“Every Democrat now knows Ned Lamont would rather turn over Connecticut to a Republican governor who supports Trump than support the winner of the Democratic primary. What sort of Democrat is Ned Lamont? Besides abandoning Democratic values, this is totally disrespectful to hundreds of thousands of Democrats who will vote in the Democratic primary on August 14,” said Ganim.

“I am calling on the present and former Democratic Party chair and leaders to speak out on this. Are we a party that supports the will of Democratic voters or not?” said Ganim.