Lamont Owes New Haven Residents Apology

BRIDGEPORT --- Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim today called on Ned Lamont to publicly apologize to New Haven residents for tweeting his thanks for a column which praised Lamont while calling New Haven’s elderly and poor “fools.”

“By his tweet on Monday thanking the author of a column who praised him but disparaged New Haven seniors and poorer residents, Ned Lamont’s tweet was not only offensive to New Haven, but once again showed him to be completely out of touch with the plight of New Haven residents,” said Ganim.

Late Monday afternoon Lamont tweeted “Thanks, Chris.  Persistence and courage are Connecticut’s virtues.” (Screen shot below).

Lamont’s tweet was in response to a June 25 column by Manchester Journal Inquirer columnist Chris Powell, entitled “He’s called ‘Retread Ned’ but persistence is a virtue.”

In his column, Powell:

- Said Lamont, in how he responded to questions by seniors at Bella Vista, “will face many more weeks of suffering fools lightly.”

- Called New Haven “impoverished.”

- Said “nearly everyone Lamont met in New Haven was down and out or elderly and living on Social Security in public housing and wanting still more benefits from government.”

“Ned has once again shown how out of touch he is with Connecticut residents.  Instead of condemning the column’s offensive remarks about seniors and New Haven, Ned incredibly thanked the columnist because the column said nice things about Ned,” said Ganim.  “Seniors and New Haven residents deserve an apology from Ned Lamont for praising someone who calls them ‘fools’ in the newspaper.”