Lamont Ducks NBC-30/CCIC Televised Debate Second Debate Lamont Has Ducked In A Week

BRIDGEPORT – For the second time in a week, Ned Lamont is ducking a debate with Joe Ganim in the Democratic campaign for governor.  Lamont is refusing to participate in a debate that was planned for August 7, 2018 at the University of New Haven in West Haven.  The debate was sponsored by the Connecticut Coalition for Independent Colleges.  It was set to be broadcast live on NBC-30 television and simulcast on WNPR-FM.  Lamont also refused to attend a debate scheduled for yesterday on WICC-AM 600.

“Ned must be feeling the heat of this campaign to duck a second debate in a row,” said Ganim.  “If Ned can’t take the heat of answering tough questions as to why he won’t disclose his finances, or answer why he was a member of an exclusive all-white country club for 16 years, or why he laid of 70% of his workers, how should voters expect Ned to take the heat of making tough decisions as governor?  Clearly, Ned is relying on slick TV ads and his family fortune in his effort to buy an election rather than to debate the issues.”