What Joe Stands For

Joe’s vision is to create a new Connecticut economy that benefits everyone, where cities not only provide constituent and government services, but also become the engines that drive the state’s growth and supports the surrounding towns and suburbs. This vision will increase revenue, and jobs, revitalize urban developments and improve infrastructure, while sustaining rural and suburban towns, and increasing the overall quality of life.

Revitalize our State Economy

Joe has the most extensive experience of any candidate running for governor and is the best prepared to tackle and solve our economic crisis. He is the only one with a proven track record of development, sustainable innovation, and positive growth who can set things in the right direction, as he has done repeatedly with Connecticut’s largest city.

Keep the Budget Balanced

Joe is credited with rescuing the state's largest city out of bankruptcy in what was known as the most remarkable urban recovery. He knows how to work with leadership to gain balanced budgets, while creating jobs, and attracting and retaining businesses as part of rebuilding a local economy.

Government & Policy Impact

Joe has implemented dramatic positive improvements to city government to increase services as well as efficiencies and transparency. Shortly after taking office, Ganim’s administration launched ‘OpenBridgeport’ allowing all city financial data to be available to the public in real time through an online portal.

Grow Connecticut Jobs

Connecticut residents and workers deserve better. While some Connecticut based companies offer substantial contributions to our economic growth and job force, there is still a gap and room for improvement. Joe is committed to find solutions that welcome corporations to our state that also benefit our strong and talented labor force.