A Statewide Grassroots Petition Drive To Get on Democratic Primary Ballot

Grassroots door-to-door campaigns are at the heart of Democratic politics.

As Democrats, we are most successful when our candidates are chosen from the ground up - not the top down. When we are inclusive - not exclusive.

As reported by the Hartford Courant, certain Democratic party insiders are trying to manipulate the state party convention rules in favor of a gubernatorial candidate, rather than leave it up to Democratic voters.

That is why we have launched a statewide grassroots petition drive to obtain 15,458 registered Democratic signatures by June 12th as part of a two-track approach to get on the August Democratic primary ballot. 

If you would like to join our grassroots effort by volunteering to collect signatures to ensure that all of our voices are heard - fill out the information below.

Together, we can build a better Connecticut that works for everyone - not just a few.