Ganim: Trump As Immoral A President We Have Seen In This Country

This article originally appeared in Only in Bridgeport. 

Shortly after Donald Trump’s presidential election, Mayor Joe Ganim declared “Give him a chance to take a deep breath and, I hope, come out with reassurances that the extreme part of his campaign was left behind. My sense is, you’ve got a good man there”. Joe has changed his tune for the gubernatorial campaign trail, calling Trump “as immoral a President as we have seen in this country.” Time for a Trump tweet rejoinder.

In the first year of Trump’s presidency, Ganim was reticent to criticize Trump with whom he had a friendly relationship going back to the 1990s when Trump sniffed around the city for development opportunities. Ganim even balked at declaring Bridgeport a sanctuary city, using the term “welcoming” city.

In recent days, as Ganim positions policies to reach Democratic primary voters for his gubernatorial run, the rhetoric has been turned up declaring the Trump administration policy separating immigrant children from their parents “cruel and immoral.”

“Donald Trump is as immoral a President as we have seen in this country,” Ganim declares in a Tuesday morning statement. “H’’s using innocent young children as pawns to show he’s tough on immigration and force Congress to pass funding for his border wall. The pictures and sounds of these separated children crying for their parents is heart wrenching. His cruel policy to separate innocent children from their parents is shameful and the moral issue of our time.”

Ganim also pressed Republican candidates for governor to state positions on Trump’s policy.

“As the moral issue of our time, those running for public office, including the Republican gubernatorial candidates, should declare whether they support or oppose the Trump Administration policy of separating innocent children from their parents,” Ganim added. No candidate should get a pass on this. The voters deserve to know where every candidate stands.”

Ganim’s in full campaign mode, as his underdog battle against Democratic-endorsed Ned Lamont presses on.

This article originally appeared in Only in Bridgeport.