Ganim submits 32,000 petition signatures, seeks primary ballot access

This article originally appeared in News 8.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) - Bridgeport mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim is looking to find a place on the primary ballot in August.

On Tuesday, Ganim announced he had submitted more than 32,000 petition signatures to the local registrars of voters. 15,458 signatures were required to make it onto the ballot.

In a statement, Ganim said, in part, "By signing our petitions, over 32,000 registered Democrats have clearly spoken that they want a choice on the August primary ballot, not a process dictated by party insiders."

News 8 Chief Political Correspondent Mark Davis reports it will likely take the Secretary of the State's office a week to ten days to authenticate the signatures before Ganim can officially say he's on the ballot to challenge convention nominee Ned Lamonton Aug. 14.

This article originally appeared in News 8.