Ganim Raises Over $900K; Has $173K Cash-On-Hand

BRIDGEPORT --- Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim has raised $902,320.85 and has $173,010.00 cash on hand in the race for governor in a pre-primary finance report filed late on Tuesday.

For the period from July 1-August 5, Ganim raised $102,733.00.

“We are on track to raise almost one million dollars for the primary, which has always been our goal,” said Ganim. “We have accomplished this at the same time we secured a record 32,000 petition signatures to get on the August primary ballot. Unlike Ned Lamont, we don’t have a multi-million dollar trust fund, but the support of grassroots Democrats who want a candidate who will work to build a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few.”

“Voters are tired of multi-millionaire candidates with no governmental experience who try to buy an election. And now that Ned Lamont has stated he won’t support the winner of the Democratic gubernatorial primary unless it’s himself, he’s given Democratic voters another reason not to vote for him,” said Ganim.