Ganim Questions Lamont’s Opposition To Proposed Griswold Gun Range

GRISWOLD – Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Joe Ganim is questioning the decision by Ned Lamont in trying to stop a proposed State Police shooting range in Griswold.  Lamont publicly announced today that he is trying to derail the project.

"This shows once again how Ned's lack of experience in government leads him to make bad decisions.  Anyone who has worked with law enforcement agencies as I have would know that firing ranges are what police need to maintain a state of readiness so they can train for dealing with the threats that face our communities.  This should not even be a political issue, and Ned Lamont's ignorant foray into a local matter like this will only serve to further delay the building of a training facility the State Police have been trying to complete for years.”
Ganim visited Griswold today, and says the proposal came to be because the State Police need a new facility.  It was deemed the best possible location after the state considered over four thousand different sites across Connecticut.

“This sale will serve a much needed public purpose to help our state police train and enhance public safety.  I don't know who is giving Ned advice on this, but if this is how he plans on governing, look for more gridlock in Hartford if he gets elected,” said Ganim.

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this release referenced Mayor Ganim's visit to the Buttonwoods Dairy Farm in Griswold near the site of the proposed state police firing range.  The land for the proposed range is not on the site of the family run dairy farm. The land in question is owned by Griswold Democratic Town Chair Lewis Button, who while a relative of the family who runs the dairy farm, but does not himself own the dairy farm.