Ganim files paperwork, officially launches run for governor

This article originally appeared in WTNH News.

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim filed his paperwork on Wednesday morning to officially begin his run for governor of Connecticut.

Mayor Ganim went to prison on corruption charges after his first stint as mayor.

He is touting his accomplishments in bringing Bridgeport back from bankruptcy and spearheading new projects in the Park City.

He says his experiences have made him “better prepared” to be governor.

“I’ve taken my hits. I’ve taken my knocks and made my mistakes. I’ve been knocked down and I’ve come back. I asked people for a chance and they’ve given me that chance. I’ve added a level of transparency and commitment that has been unexpected,” said Mayor Ganim. “Hopefully, we can take the positives through good and bad experiences and make them a positive for Connecticut and give Connecticut a second chance.”

Two months ago, a federal judge ruled that Mayor Ganim is not eligible for public campaign financing because he is a convicted felon, so his gubernatorial campaign will need to be funded completely by private donations.

This article originally appeared in WTNH News.