Ganim Expresses Disappointment Over General Assembly Failure To Increase Minimum Wage

Bridgeport – Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Joe Ganim is expressing disappointment that the General Assembly was not able to pass a bill that would have raised the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020.  The bill was approved in committee but did not receive a vote in the House or the Senate before the session ended this week.

“It is unfortunate that the legislature could not deliver this small, but necessary pay increase for the state’s working families,” said Ganim. “As governor, I would lead the fight to raise Connecticut’s minimum wage and put more money in the pockets of hard working men and women. While neighboring states and cities are raising minimum wages to $15 an hour, it’s disappointing that our legislature could not even raise Connecticut’s to $12 an hour.”


“Raising the minimum wage would not only help working families, but would help our economy. By putting more money into the pockets of hard working men and women, they will have more money to spend and will help Connecticut’s economy grow,” said Ganim.

Connecticut’s current minimum wage is $10.10 an hour.  For someone working 40 hours a week, that amounts to around $400 a week in earnings before taxes, or $21,000 a year.