Ganim: CT Must Oppose Any Rollback of Abortion Rights Under Trump Appointed Supreme Court

BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim today said that as governor he would lead Connecticut in opposition to any rollback of abortion rights under a Trump appointed Supreme Court.

As Bridgeport Mayor, Ganim fought for 'safe zones’ to protect women's health clinics providing abortion services from protesters seeking to harass doctors, staff, and patients.

“As governor, I would do everything in my power to prevent a rollback of abortion rights in Connecticut if a Trump appointed Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade. As Mayor, I have always stood up for a woman’s right to choose and fought to protect women's health clinics that provided abortion services,” said Ganim.

“The Republican candidates for governor owe voters an answer as to whether they would support a woman’s right to choose in Connecticut or would they try to outlaw or severely restrict abortion rights. The Republican candidates should have the courage of their convictions to tell voters where they stand, ”said Ganim.