Ganim Collects Nearly 7,000 Petition Signatures in 12 Days Grassroots Campaign Registering Hundreds of New Voters

BRIDGEPORT – Bridgeport mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim is reporting today that his campaign has collected almost 7,000 signatures in 12 days in his effort to petition his way onto the Democratic primary ballot.  The 7,000 signatures is a little less than half of the 15,458 signatures of Democratic registered voters Ganim needs by June 12 to get on the August ballot.

"These strong petition numbers reflect that Democratic voters do not want their candidate to be selected by party insiders," said Ganim.  "While some campaigns are built from the top down, ours is a diverse, inclusive campaign built from the ground up.  Our grassroots campaign is fueled by hundreds of enthusiastic supporters who have fanned out across Connecticut collecting signatures, along with registering hundreds of new voters.  Either with the support of 15 percent of the delegates at the Democratic convention on Saturday or through our robust petition effort, we will be on the August primary ballot to give Democratic voters a real choice, not a candidate coronated by party insiders."

Ganim has opened campaign offices in Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury and New Britain to help with the petition drive.  This effort will not only make sure voters have a choice in the August primary, it will help the campaign build a grassroots organization that is inclusive and diverse.