Ganim Challenges Lamont To Release Financial Disclosure Statement; Calls For Law Requiring Statewide Candidates To File Financial Disclosure Statements

HARTFORD – Bridgeport mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Joe Ganim today called on Ned Lamont to release a full financial disclosure statement in advance of the Democratic primary election on August 14. Mayor Ganim is calling on Lamont to release the documents before the next scheduled debate between the two on July 26th.

The mayor also reiterated his call for Lamont to limit his primary campaign spending to either $1 million dollars or the amount of $1.25 million dollars proposed by Susan Bysiewicz, Lamont’s Lt. Governor running mate.

In addition, Ganim called for Connecticut to enact a law requiring candidates for statewide office to file personal financial disclosure statements, as required by New York State, Vermont, the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and other states. Connecticut law requires statewide campaigns to file reports documenting fund raising and expenditures, but there is no law requiring candidates to make personal financial disclosures.

“Ned Lamont is worth between $100 million and $300 million dollars. He is using his vast family wealth to bankroll his campaign. The public deserves to know where that money is coming from,” said Ganim. “Voters deserve to know if Ned or his family have any financial interests, holdings, assets, or liabilities that could be a conflict of interest if he were elected governor. To make sure Ned does not have any conflicts of interest, it is important that he file a full financial disclosure statement. I find it surprising that Connecticut does not already require candidates for statewide office to file financial disclosure statements, and as governor I will advocate for a new law to address the issue.”

Ganim is calling for Lamont to release the same financial disclosure information required of candidates running for governor in New York State.

“The public has a right to know if Ned or his family has any financial holdings that would represent a conflict of interest if Ned were to be governor. I urge Ned to join me in making a full disclosure of our financial assets, holdings, and liabilities,” said Ganim.

Ganim today said if Lamont would not agree to Ganim’s previously proposed $1 million dollar spending cap, Lamont should at least agree to a spending cap of $1.25 million previously proposed by Bysiewicz.

“Ned, if you will not agree with me to a $1 million dollar spending cap, will you at least agree to the $1.25 million dollar spending cap proposed by your running mate Susan Bysiewicz?,” asked Ganim.