Ganim Challenges Lamont To One Million Dollar Spending Limit In Primary; “Not Become Linda McMahon Of This Election Cycle”

BRIDGEPORT – Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Joe Ganim is calling on Ned Lamont to limit campaign spending for the Democratic primary to one million dollars and “not become the Linda McMahon of this election cycle.”  Ganim issued his challenge during the WFSB-TV political show “Face the State” that aired yesterday.

According to press reports, Lamont has said he will spend over ten million dollars to win this election.  Lamont is worth over ninety million dollars.

“I challenge Mr. Lamont not to try to buy this election and instead limit his spending to what we’re spending, one million dollars.  Don’t become the Linda McMahon of this election cycle.  Learn from your past mistakes.  Listen to your lieutenant governor candidate Susan Bysiewicz who said to limit your spending.  Reach out to voters and really let them decide this thing and not buy it with money,” said Ganim.

On the WFSB show, Ganim also said “there could not be a clearer contrast between the candidates.”

“I am humbled by the honor to serve and the 32,000 people that have allowed me to be on the ballot on August 14th.  No disrespect, but you have a Greenwich millionaire, some who’ve said is greatly out of touch, who doesn’t understand a lot of the programs that exist that support people.  And, you have a guy that’s been knocked down, picked up, who rolls up his sleeves and wants to help.  I have a public service experience of 14 years.  My campaign is about building a better Connecticut that works for everyone, focusing on our cities,” said Ganim.