Ganim Challenges Lamont Not To Participate In One-Sided Debates/Forums Which Exclude Petitioning Candidates

BRIDGEPORT --- Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim today called on Ned Lamont to publicly state that he would no longer participate in one-sided debates or forums which exclude petitioning candidates.

In addition, Ganim called on Lamont to publicly express his opposition to debates or forums that exclude petitioning candidates.

Last night, Lamont appeared in a gubernatorial forum sponsored by Connecticut Public Television and the Governor M. Jodi Rell Center for Public Service, which allowed participation only by candidates endorsed by the state party conventions, not those candidates collecting signatures.

"Ned Lamont should do the right thing for Connecticut voters and state he will no longer participate in one-sided gubernatorial forums that exclude petitioning candidates.  Connecticut voters deserve to hear from all candidates, not just those selected by party insiders.  With over 25,000 petition signatures of registered Democrats, we are going to be on the primary ballot.  Once the Secretary of the State finalizes the primary ballot in several weeks, we should have a robust series of debates to present our competing experience and ideas on how to create good paying jobs, make our cities engines of economic growth, fix our state’s finances, and build a better Connecticut that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few," said Ganim.

Ganim said it was hard to understand how CT Public Television and the Rell Institute, whose mission is to increase public participation in the voting process, would limit participation to only those candidates selected by party insiders.

"CT Public Television and the Rell Institute did a disservice to Connecticut voters by excluding eligible candidates and denying voters a chance to hear from all the candidates their competing ideas on how to move our state forward," said Ganim.

In contrast, Ganim said channel WFSB (Channel 3) and the Connecticut Association of Realtors should be applauded for postponing their gubernatorial debates until after the Secretary of the State’s office certifies all candidates, including those candidates petitioning to get on the August primary ballot.