Ganim Agrees with NAACP Criticism of Democratic Convention Process, Calls Party leadership dismissal of NAACP Claims “Tone-Deaf And Very Disappointing"

BRIDGEPORT – Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Joe Ganim today said he agreed with Connecticut NAACP President Scot Esdaile’s criticism of the Democratic Convention process in a story in today’s Hartford Courant and called state Democratic Party leaders dismissal of those claims “tone-deaf and very disappointing.”

“I’ve been talking for months about the lack of inclusion by party leadership and the need for greater diversity in this convention process.  I believe our Party needs to be more inclusive and more fully embrace communities of color that have been a bedrock of the Democratic Party,” said Ganim.  “We need a ticket at the highest levels that reflects the rich diversity of our state. Throughout the delegate selection process, I have been troubled by the lack of outreach to communities of color.  The critical Rules Committee, which has set the rules for this convention, has few members of color. We can and must do better.”

“Instead of dismissing the concerns of the state NAACP President, black elected officials and community leaders, state Democratic party leaders should seriously listen and address their concerns,” said Ganim.