Four of Connecticut’s Strongest Trade Union Locals Endorse Mayor Joe Ganim For Governor

BRIDGEPORT --- With the August 14 Connecticut state primary just three weeks away, organized labor representing nearly 8,000 union households have endorsed Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim for governor.  Mayor Ganim today received the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 488 of Monroe, the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 30 in North Stonington, the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478 in Hamden and the United Association Local 777 Plumbers and Pipefitters in Meriden.  Ganim was surrounded by around 100 members of the unions as he received the endorsement today at Derecktor Shipyards in Bridgeport.

“I am humbled and honored to accept the endorsement of these hard working men and women who can see real potential in Connecticut if we revitalize our cities as the engines that drive a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few,” said Ganim.  “The unions in the building trades are extraordinarily talented men and women who power our utilities, construction and other areas.  They are the lifeblood of the Connecticut economy, and their endorsement shows that they believe a big city mayor who has succeeded in balancing many budgets while holding the line on taxes and helping to generate more than $1-Billion in private investment is best positioned to grow the state’s economy as Connecticut’s next governor.  It is organized labor with boots on the ground in every neighborhood in Connecticut that will make the difference in this primary.”

When speaking of IBEW Local 488’s endorsement of Joe Ganim for governor, Business Manager Peter Carroll said, “While working with Mayor Ganim on many projects in Bridgeport, I noticed his desire to do the best for the city and its residents.  We feel he can bring the same commitment to the state and the people that live here.  He is rebuilding the largest city in the state and he could do the same for Connecticut.”

While Business Manager Craig Metz explained Local 478’s support for Ganim by stating, “Local 478, a century old labor union that represents heavy equipment operators throughout Connecticut, supports Mayor Joe Ganim for the solid commitment that he has made to rebuilding Connecticut one block at a time and, the hard work that he has done promoting employment opportunities and creating the type of economic stability on which our State’s middle class is built.  We fully recognize the unprecedented challenges that Joe Ganim has faced and overcome throughout his career in public service.”

Metz continued “we have seen first-hand his unwavering determination when it comes to rebuilding Bridgeport and his steadfast resolve to help raise Connecticut back to the fiscally responsible and financially prosperous state that we once were.  Connecticut’s big cities and urban centers have the potential to be the engine that moves our state forward or the heavy caboose that slows us down.  Joe Ganim is the only candidate who has the skill and the proven track record to turn a city around and grow its economic base while improving the lives of its residents.  That’s why Connecticut’s Operating Engineers Local 30, led by Business Manager William Lynn, and my Local 478 support his candidacy for Connecticut’s next Governor.”

Local 777 Business Manager Michael Rosario also talked about his Local’s endorsement when he said, “Plain and simple, Joe Ganim has helped put food on the table for our members and their families.  He recognizes that supporting groups with great training programs in place provides Connecticut residents with a path to a career, not just a job.  Careers that provide economic security for men and women through their working years and into retirement.  Being a person who connects with people gives Joe Ganim a great insight of the struggles the average worker faces.  I believe that this insight better prepares him to make critical decisions as they effect real lives.  We support Joe Ganim as the next governor of Connecticut.”