Ganim Supports Paid Family Leave

Joe Ganim strongly supports providing paid family medical leave for every Connecticut worker. Offering this benefit is essential to attracting the young adult labor force of the future. But we must do it in a way that does not overburden Connecticut businesses.

In Massachusetts, a recently enacted law is an interesting concept, and we are exploring a proposal that would be an employee-employer match, where the employer has to offer a paid leave benefit, but the burden on funding such a benefit must also come from participation of the employee. We are still working on the details of it, which may include a tax incentive for businesses for every employee taking advantage of a paid family medical leave benefit.

We are still working on the details of it—but we think this is a fair approach to solving a problem that is greatly needed by working men and women in Connecticut. The bottom line is that when one parent is unable to work, the cost of living in Connecticut is too expensive for a family to miss out on an entire income for up to three months. We must find a solution so that working families can afford to have a child or go on medical leave and not worry about paying their bills.