Capitol Report: Ganim continues to push for place on ballot

This article originally appeared on News 8 WTNH.

(WTNH) - You have to hand it to Joe Ganim.

While he still isn't officially on the Democratic Party ballot, he is driving the news cycle these past two weeks.

Last Thursday night, Ganim was shut down in the parking lot when he asked to participate in a gubernatorial candidate panel at the University of Hartford.

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While Ganim says he's collected 24,000 petition signatures to get on the ballot, they still need verification.

Ganim did eventually get in the door to watch the candidate job interviews from the audience.

Also, News 8 Chief Political Correspondent Mark Davis got Ned Lamont on the record about his plethora of toilets.

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Luckily for Lamont, running mate Susan Bysiewicz was by his side.

Watch the video above to learn more.

This article originally appeared on News 8 WTNH.