“PROBABLY NOT” Lamont’s Answer on Channel 3 Debate Whether He Would Support Joe Ganim If Ganim Wins Democratic Primary

Joe Ganim: “Every Democratic Voter Now Knows Ned Lamont Would Support A Republican For Governor If Lamont Doesn’t Win The Democratic Primary. What a Disappointing and Selfish Act For Ned Lamont To Abandon The Democratic Party and Democratic Values. Lamont’s Support Of A Republican for Governor Undermines Anything He Says About Supporting Democratic Values And The Democratic Party”

ROCKY HILL — During today’s WFSB-TV Channel 3 debate, Ned Lamont repeatedly dodged under repeated questioning whether he would support Joe Ganim for governor if Lamont loses the Democratic primary on August 14. In the closing moments of the debate under direct question from moderator Dennis House whether he would support Ganim, Lamont said “probably not.”

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