Criminal Justice

Joe supports criminal justice reform to end the targeting of communities of color. He supports the use of body cameras on police officers.

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Economy & Jobs

Joe's top priority as governor is to create jobs and grow the economy.

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Joe supports greater investment in our schools.

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Joe strongly believes that good environmental policy is good economic policy. Under Joe's leadership, Bridgeport has become a greener, more energy efficient city.

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Equal Pay

Joe praised the Legislature for passing pay equity legislation---to end pay discrimination against women.

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Paid Family Leave

Offering this benefit is essential to attracting the young adult labor force of the future

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Gun Safety

Joe has been named a candidate of distinction on gun safety by Moms Demand Action.

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Joe is a strong supporter of organized labor. He strongly supports the right of workers to collectively bargain and would veto any so-called "Right to Work" legislation.

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Marijuana Reform

Joe supports a "comprehensive, smart approach to legalizing, regulating and taxing recreational marijuana in Connecticut."

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